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Casting Couch: John and Alfie from False Colors by Alex Beecroft, an Age of Sail m/m romance.

I like to pick an actor to embody each of my characters before I get very far on in writing them. It helps me to solidify what starts out as a very vague impression of how they look into a much more concrete picture.

With False Colors, naturally the writing was all done before it got a front cover, so while I’m extremely lucky, because the lads on the front cover of the book are very close to how I imagined, they aren’t the models I was originally using. If you’re interested, these are the actors I would have chosen to play the characters, if I’d had the choice. Having said that, I actually think John from the cover art is completely perfect. Alfie could do to look a little more roguish and charming.

So, in my imaginary blockbuster movie edition of ‘False Colors’, these are the actors I would cast for the parts:

Alfie – Damian O’Hare


John could not wrench his gaze away from Donwell’s face. Limned with gold, it was perfectly nondescript; round, pleasant, and completely lacking in self-conscious guilt. Donwell’s mouth quirked up at one side into a slow, charming smile.

John – Simon Woods


Cavendish gave another of those small smiles that stretched the skin over his cheekbones. He had lost a great deal of weight since the pirate incident, and had not been exactly heavy before that. If he was a skeleton, however, he was a very elegant one.

As usual, the hair colours are wrong, but that can always be fixed!


Alex Beecroft

False Colors is due out on April 13th 2009 from Running Press, a subsidiary of Perseus Books.

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Before I did this feature, I hadn’t realized how difficult it would be to find actors who fitted my mental image of my leading men. Trying to imagine which actors would be my ideal casting choices, in the unlikely event of it being made into a film, was great fun, but daunting! In the end, I decided that I might have to give the actor playing Josh contact lenses and a bottle of hair dye, but that these are still the people I’d choose if I had that enviable choice 🙂 (more…)

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Nat and Ritchie from ‘Roses in December’ by Fiona Glass

Nat was easy. I’d already written about half the book and had a fair idea what he looked like when I came across a page of photos of Karl Urban in a film called The Irrefutable Truth About Demons – and suddenly I found I was staring at Nat!

If you’d prefer not to know who Fiona would cast as Nat and Ritchie, don’t click on the cut 🙂 If you’d like to know, but you have a very different idea of what the boys look like, why not tell us in the comments who you would cast instead? (more…)

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On the Casting Couch

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I’m sure most authors have contemplated, now and then, who they would like to see cast as their characters, should their books be made into Hollywood blockbusters.

With that thought in mind, I’m launching a feature called ‘On the Casting Couch’ 🙂 If you can find a picture of your perfect actor for a particular character, post it here! And tell all – why is this actor so right for the part? Where might he or she be improved, the better to match your hero/ine?

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